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Imagine... Your Book A Best Seller!

 Make Your Book an Amazon #1 Bestseller

in 90 Days!


Yes!  Your book can be an Amazon #1 Bestseller!  

I did it and making my book a #1 Bestseller has been an amazing experience, expert maker and an outstanding business building strategy.

Now is the time to take your book, your career

and your business to the next level!


Hello Author and Future #1 Bestseller!

This is Ann McIndoo, your Author’s Coach and CEO / Founder of So, You Want To Write.  I would like to invite you to take your book to #1 Bestseller status on Amazon. 

I worked with Amazon Bestseller Expert, Denise Cassino, to take my new book, “7 Easy Steps to Write Your Book” to #1 on Amazon in October, 2012 and SHE DID IT!  I was blown away by how easy and fun it was!  It was such an amazing experience that I asked Denise to work with my author clients and help them as well.  She said yes!  

Have you ever thought of taking your book to #1 on Amazon? 

If you have, then ask yourself: amazonbestseller2

  • How much time have you spent trying to market your book, product or service on your own?
  • How many blog posts, tweets and Facebook contacts have you made?
  • Does it seem like they are pointless, time consuming and, worst of all, you’re still at ground zero?
  • How often have you dreamed of what it would be like to finally have a #1 Bestseller?


So many authors feel like they are on an

endless treadmill going nowhere!


Worse, you know you have a powerful, amazing book, product or service to share, but are afraid the world will never see it!  Now you can.  Denise did it for me, she can do it for you.   


Forget those frustrations!


Ann McIndoo

Ann McIndoo

Listen to me, Ann McIndoo,
your Author’s Coach,
interview Bestseller Expert Denise Cassino, and learn
how easy it can be to see your book
in the #1 Amazon Bestseller position!


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Denise Cassino

Denise Cassino


As you may know, having an Amazon #1 Bestseller can bring you:

Admiration and respect

Fortune and fame

The prestige of success

Expert status

Credibility and Influence

A line of ancillary products:  eBook, Workbook, Audio Program, Live Events!

Speaking engagements

Radio, magazine and newspaper interviews!

Syndicated columns

PR leverage

Global Status

Business Expansion

Venture Partnerships with Masters and Gurus

Fulfillment of your life’s dreams, share your passion

Create your own radio talk show with your expertise

Loyal fans

Rock Star Recognition!


Since Denise made my book, “7 Easy Steps to Write Your Book” #1 on Amazon, my business has skyrocketed.  I have brought on eight new Author’s Coaches to help me take care of all my new authors (you can see them at on the “About the Event” page) and have added three more Author’s Boot Camp live events.  My business has increased, speaking engagements, invitations to Keynote!  Making my book a #1 Amazon Bestseller was an outstanding investment.   


Don’t wait! Do it NOW!

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Remember, having an Amazon #1 Bestseller can open many doors for you because your #1 Bestseller is creating awareness about you and your book.  If you’re a business professional, having an Amazon #1 Bestseller puts you head and shoulders above your competition, giving you a powerful competitive edge. 


Imagine pressing that Bestseller sticker

onto your book covers!


How about seeing your product in the hands of thousands, receiving speaking engagements or people giving you money for your book and products! You can make that happen this fall, this winter or next spring! That’s right – EVEN this year! 

How much money are you losing every single day your book sits idle, unknown to the world?

Each day that your book, product or service remains unknown you’re surely losing money, speaking engagements, publicity and the ability to touch people’s lives. Perhaps you’re afraid that marketing is too expensive or takes too much time. Not so!


Anyone with a vision and a plan can have an

Amazon #1 Bestseller!

Yes! That means YOU!

Your Book can be an Amazon #1 Bestseller!

Click here to access the interview!

Listen to Ann McIndoo, Author’s Coach and #1 Bestselling Author, interview Denise Cassino, Bestselling Book Expert about her unique Bestseller Program.  You will be amazed by how simple and fast you can take your book to a #1 Bestseller and keep your rankings high, way after the launch date.


Myths About Becoming a Bestseller:


Myth #1 – It takes years of hard work and struggle

Myth #2 – Only well-known, established authors ever have a Bestseller

Myth #3 – Authors with self-published books never hit #1 Bestseller status

Myth #4 – It requires a huge marketing and PR budget.

Not True!


Now you can do it in less than 90 days!


How can that happen?  We’ll give you all the tools you need! Really!

I know what you must be thinking…

How does this work?

With your custom “#1 Bestseller” program, Denise and her team will guide you through the steps necessary to create a #1 Bestseller Launch including:


Choosing your categories
Getting JV partners
Designing the launch site
Writing copy for your launch
Tracking your partners
Building your mailing list
Reaching more than 1,000,000 people on launch day
Making vital connections to further your goals

. . . and much, much more!


Once you have a #1 Bestseller, you’ll be on the road to making money from your book, product or service and your expertise. Plus, you can create other ancillary products for added revenue, like CDs, audios, videos and training programs.

Plus, having a Best Seller can open the door to speaking, publicity, consulting, venture partnerships and other new opportunities.

Get ready to be in demand for radio interviews, speaking engagements and book signings.

Every day your book sits on your shelf, YOU’RE LOSING MONEY in book sales and ancillary product sales, publicity, speaking engagements consulting fees and more.

So let’s get your wealth creation started today!

Remember, you’re not just getting a #1 Bestseller, you’ll gain amazing opportunities through your success. Your investment will lead to enjoying more success, more opportunities, more prestige, more recognition and more sales than ever ever before!


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I understand there is No Charge for this consultation and no commitment required at this time.   

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